Thanks for visiting my little corner of the universe.  I set this blog up a long while ago, however, never really did anything with it.  As I ease into my golden years, I am looking to change that.  The thing I want most from this project is to leave some trace of those important moments in my life and at the same time to share my interesting (at least what I think is) thoughts with anyone who is willing to take a look.  Some of what you will see will be good stuff while other things not so much, either way you will get to know who and what I am!

Please take a minute to look around and enjoy!  I have a few things I will share on this blog that interest me and that I am passionate about.  Family being at the top of the list! Hopefully I have done them justice here!

Please feel free to read and comment, even if you disagree!

Again thanks for taking the time to visit.